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Poor marketing, confusing design, improper SEO settings, copyright issues, and a lot of invalid content circulating on the Internet, All this makes your website difficult to discover,It’s not just money that’s wasted, it’s also your precious time and effort.
But the above worries can be solved by Ruo Ju Fan Xing!

Professional full-service consultant


Overseas technical team support


Professional SEO strength


Content planning and proposals


Excellent ability to analyze data


Rich and systematic knowledge training

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Direct marketing, 4 major services

The four major services launched by Ruojufanxing are carefully selected and cater to customers with different needs.

[Website construction, SEO optimization, Google advertising, training courses] are all building your road to marketing success.

Website customization and development


We can provide various supports according to the needs of the enterprise, such as customizing unique pages for the enterprise and developing certain functions for the website.

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Flexible choice between customization and templates
Deeply engaged in multiple B2B industries
108 languages ​​to switch at will
Supports pure customization and templates
Supports pure customization and templates
Google SEO
Website technology optimization, keyword layout
Obtain high-quality external links
Content marketing produced by local teams in overseas regions
Only use white hats, avoid black hats
Ranking of minor languages ​​to connect with the world

Google SEO optimization


Practical course training

We can provide a variety of support based on business needs such as corporate websites that add business value, B2B websites that lead to customer acquisition, and landing pages.
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Google paid advertising

Providing professional solutions with the goal of helping your business stand out in the highly competitive digital market through precise keyword targeting and innovative advertising content
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Achieve remarkable results in multiple industries
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E bike
home textiles
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3D printing
Water purification equipment

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Have done SEO before
But the effect did not meet expectations
Keywords to target
Not shown at top
Over-reliance on advertising promotion
Natural traffic has not increased
Wrote many long articles
Click-through rate never improved
I have many questions
Don't know where to start
I'm going to do my own marketing
Lack of professional SEO knowledge
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SEO keyword introduction and research

SEO keyword introduction and research

SEO keywords refer to words or short sentences entered in the Google search box, or they can be numbers or letters. When users enter these words in a search engine such as Google, the search engine will display relevant web pages based on these keywords. SEO keywords are a bridge between website content and search engines, helping search engines understand web page content and display it to relevant users. Types of keywords Informational keywords refer to keywords that users enter in search engines to obtain specific information or solve problems. These keywords usually contain question words or descriptive words, and the purpose...
SEO tips June 2024, 7
5 easy steps to update your blog posts for SEO

5 easy steps to update your blog posts for SEO

In the field of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is a key strategy to maintain site visibility and attract visitors. With the continuous update of search engine algorithms, it is particularly important to maintain and update SEO articles. So how can blog articles help SEO optimization? In this article, we will guide you on how to effectively update your SEO articles to ensure that the content remains relevant and improve search rankings, thereby attracting more target readers. You may have some questions about how to choose article topics? In order to write a high-quality SEO traffic article, what are the ways to find topics? Don't worry...
SEO tips June 2024, 7
Essential SEO skills: Steps and techniques for SEO technical troubleshooting

Essential SEO skills: Steps and techniques for SEO technical troubleshooting

Hello, everyone. I'm Harry. I'm a member of Ruoju Fanxing. In recent conversations with clients and students, I found that everyone doesn't know what SEO technical troubleshooting is, or doesn't know enough about it - this is actually a dangerous signal. Website optimization (SEO) is an integral part of an independent website. For SEO, technical SEO and technical troubleshooting are equivalent to infrastructure. Just like building a house requires a solid foundation, strong technical SEO supports the visibility and search ranking of the website. Without a good technical foundation, other SEO efforts (such as content...
SEO tips June 2024, 6
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